Occult chat rooms – A haven for the slime of society   Leave a comment

It seems a lot of people still hang out in chat rooms. One thing that completely disgust me are occult chat rooms. They seem to filled with the most moronic, egomaniac, self centered pricks out there. Whether they are blatant con men, or just people that want to pretend they know much more then they do, they all hang out in online occult chat rooms. If you want to discuss the occult with others of like mind I have a suggestion. Go out and make some new friends. If there are no occultist in your area don’t lower yourself to wasting your good time with online chat room losers. I think a very good alternative is to make a facebook account and add your favorite occult authors. I do this myself. And yes many of them actually interact with people on facebook. If you hang out in chat rooms you are hanging out with the absolute gutter of society. Have some dignity people! Most of these jokers in occult chat rooms seem to be their almost 24/7 which shows you what they are doing with their lives…NOTHING. Don’t add yourself to the list of these losers. Go out and do something constructive with your life.

Posted November 21, 2011 by paganvoice in Uncategorized

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